Nasar Abadey and Supernova

Hello, I'm really after the transfer of Dionizy Piątkowski vinil disc LP Max Roach as a gift from me to those skilled Jazz. Mr. Dionizy in return gave me your work on CD "Mirage". I think you know Mr. Dionizy Piatkowski and perhaps invite You and Supernova to Polish concert under the auspices of the Jazz Era.Best regards Wojciech Łuczak from Poznań in Poland, fan of jazz.

Nasar Abadey and Supernova responded on 04/10/2014

Thank you for your message! I've never been to Poland. Have been all around your country but have not gotten there yet. I would love to bring my band there. Perhaps you would also enjoy my latest CD entitled Diamond In the Rough. You can get it from my website Thank you hope to meet you someday.

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